LEO/MIL/FR Discount



We here at Deus Ex Machina thank you for your service and dedication to our country and its citizens. As a Veteran owned company, we understand the sacrifices made in the career fields and services you have chosen.


To be eligible for a discount, please create an account on the website and select LEO/MIL as your customer profile. You will be sent an email with directions to send an email titled LEO/MIL DISCOUNT in the subject line to from your department or military email account for verification and to receive the terms for your discount.


If you do not have a department or military email, you may email a photo of a current or past ID or a modified DD214 to protect your information.


Once verified your account will be activated to receive the permanent discount for future purchases. If DEM offers a coupon code that is greater than your discount we will adjust the discount you receive for the length of the promotion. Discounts can not be combined to total more than the current promotion.