DEM PVC Morale Patch
DEM PVC Morale Patch

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Details: DEM Logo - PVC Moral Match 3"

Our DEM Logo PVC patch (3") is made in America.

DEUS EX MACHINA (from Latin for “God from the machine”) is originally a literary device whereby a seemingly unsolvable or insurmountable problem for the protagonist is resolved with unexpected intervention. This concept is the heart of our business. For the good guy that carries a firearm to protect himself and his loved ones, we provide the means to overcome serious problems.

The incomplete gear symbol for DEUS EX MACHINA represents our unfinished work in striving for perfection. We believe that we can always improve a product and will seek for perfection in what we deliver to our customers.

DEUS EX MACHINA is a company that prides itself on forward-thinking design and function in its offerings. Our products are designed and rigorously tested by combat veterans and law enforcement veterans, as well as experienced civilians to ensure what we sell is of the highest quality and usefulness for you, our customers.

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